Our contribution to the electro-acoustic violin "Viva la Musica"

Our job in colaboration with the company “Viva la Musica” is to participate in the development and production of their electro-acoustic violins. We do all the luthier work, which involves the production of a wooden part of the body, the final assembly, varnishing and set-up of the violins.

New and traditional

The instrument is a hybrid between an electric and a classical violin which can be used as an amplified instrument, but is also exceptionally good as a classical acoustic violin.

Variety of choices

For all of those feeling comfortable in the waters of classical music, but like the walk along the paths of amplified jazz, ethno, rock and other fields of music, this instrument is an ideal choice. It offers an acoustic or amplifed, very natural sound of classical violin. Combined with quality electronic equipment, it opens up practically unlimited possibilities for musical interpretation.

On the scene

Stefan Milenković in Vlatko Stefanovski

Together in Cremona

We also participate in other areas related to the string instrument making.

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