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Welcome to the pages of Luthier Atelier Radaljac. After 12 years of successful work, we decided to upgrade our website in accordance with the new, modern guidelines of global communications. We invite you to take a walk through the short musical and visual impressions of our work and services we offer. It is our intention to give you the first impression about us in a hope that you will, if you feel that we can help you with your demands, visit us in our atelier and have a look at our work and instruments.

Our view

Our work is for more than a decade focused on basic, simply defined but in many respects demanding, complex goal. To make good instruments. Our opinion is that the instrument in its basic, archaic function and form is primarily the tool of the musician. As such, it must meet the needs of an instrumentalist, and help him to express his ability, experience and knowledge through time, and to easily adapt to musician’s development, goals and expectations. For years our instruments are played by the exceptional young artists, as well as professionall violinists and violists.

New musical instruments

Luthier Atelier Radaljac offers violins and violas, based on the forms of Italian masters Giuseppe Guarneri Del Gesu and his ancestor Andrea Guarneri. Violins are based on forms of the 1735 violin “Plowden” and 1734 violin “Stauffer” made by Guarneri Del Gesu, while viola found its form in the 1676 “Conte Vitale” viola made by Andrea Guarneri. The choice of quality wood, attention to detail and experience in combining important factors such as are flexibility, thickness, weight and plate curves are a prerequisite for the production of a good instrument …

Conservation and restoration

When working on preservation and restoration of an old, especially historically important instrument, we focus primarily on the conservation part of the process with the main goal to maintain the highest degree of originality of the instrument.

At the same time our aim is to restore the original function of the instrument, when and if that is not in contradiction with conservation processes.

Wood as the sound

The main building material of every string instrument is wood. When choosing materials for our instruments we do not take any shortcuts. We only use the finest, air-dried, personally selected, splitted wood. Density, uniform but resonably narrow growth and flexibility of wood are key features that, in addition to the production method, determine the final quality of the musical instrument. We buy the maple and spruce in the form of logs and cut it, split it and store it in open air, outside our workshop.

Development cooperation

For years now Luthier Atelje Radaljac has been successfully working in collaboration with the company “Viva La Musica” from Celje in development and production of their electro-acoustic violins, which are a composite of new and traditional materials, offering the experience of both modern – amplified and classical acoustic sound.

Repaires and services

We also offer repaires and other services on contemporary instruments.

Photographs of our latest instruments

This photo gallery intends to give you just the first impression of the instruments, made in the Luthier Atelier Radaljac. The photos on this site do not necessarily represent the instruments that are currently available for sale as pictured instruments are mostly not available anymore. Photographs are primarily a quick visual presentation of our latest work. If you are interested in purchasing, you can view our violins and violas during a personal visit to our workshop.

The photographs were taken in our workshop under the illumination of three spotlights with 600W/5500K fluorescent photo light bulbs, taken using Canon 20D DSLR camera.

Capturing the correct color scale when photographing string instruments has always been a challenge. That is the reason we see the given photographs only as the first visual information. For a more detailed presentation, we invite you to visit our workshop personally.

We invite you to view photos.

Listen to our instruments

Sound samples of two of our violins, made by following the form of violins “Plowden” and “Lo Stauffer” – Guarneri Del Gesu

What can we do for you?

Luthier Atelje Radaljac is a workshop entirely devoted to the production of new instruments and conservation-restoraton work on old string in some antique plucked instruments. We also offer service, settings and repairs of instruments.

We do not offer any other services, such as the sale of cases, bows, strings and other string related equipment. Today, the customer has an unlimited offer of shops and internet suppliers, which can, accordingly to the buyers preferences, provide that equipment. Dealing with that would take away our valuable time in which we can dedicate ourselves to our work and, consequently, offer our quality services and excellent instruments. We can offer advice on choosing equipment and refer you to the appropriate equipment provider.

Dear customer. If you would like to get in touch with us, please fill out the form on the right. We will get back to you shortly. You can also reach us through our email address or by phone.

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