Some of the usual work processes that we perform in our workshop include: fingerboard flattening and polishing, replacing the bridges, making new sound posts, pegs replacement, tailpieces, strings, nuts replacement … In short, the interventions that primarily ensure the proper function of the instrument.

Setting up your instrument

As with a new instrument, good set-up, especially of  the bridge and the sound post, as well as the projections of the neck, need to be checked out every now and then. The relationship between the post and the bridge, the appropriate tension of the sound post and height of the strings in relation to the fingerboard are key parameters of the set up. Properly made bridge has a great influence on instrument’s performance. The weight, the height, the thickness and the shape of the latter must be adapted to the characteristics of the particular instrument.


Usual repairs – making new pegs, peg hole bushings, structural repairs, such as gluing the cracks and other damaged parts, sound post patches and the like. In most cases, the scope of the work can be determined only after a physical examination of the instrument. To arrange a visit for an inspection of the musical instrument in order to determine the extend of the work that has to be done, please contact us by phone or e-mail.

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